SHARING naturalness

When Shade opened its first boutique in Paris, in the Marais, it wants to offer women more than cosmetics: a real return to the roots of beauty.

In 2016, after more than 15 years spent in major cosmetics houses where she developed a real expertise in beauty, she went through a period of questioning about her identity as a woman, a mother, a “ working woman ”.

Her quest for meaning pushes her to take a break from her career. She becomes aware of the need to take care of herself and reconnect with her intuition and instinct.

  "I learned to connect my body and my mind by understanding that my emotions impacted the harmony of the two"

She rediscovers the power of plants transmitted by her grandmother. Considered a healer in Martinique, she used garden plants to heal her family but also all those who asked her for advice.

"Plants in the form of botanical oils, herbal teas, self-massage and my diet have been ways to reconnect with my well-being"

Shade reweaves the powerful link that binds her to her lineage of women, her well-being and thus rediscovers her life mission: To accompany women to celebrate their beauty and reconnect with their sacred feminine side.

"I want to share this art of living with all women, firmly convinced that emotions, body and mind can be in harmony"