Take care of yourself


SHADE'S APOTHECARY was born from a simple desire: to allow all women to celebrate their beauty and express their power. In our lives punctuated by stress and injunctions, it is often difficult for us women to allow ourselves a moment for ourselves, a moment to BE ourselves.

Here, we sincerely believe that every woman is an inexhaustible source of wealth. A richness that is free to express itself when we are in tune with our deep nature. We believe that it is essential to take care of your body as well as your mind to access a better self-knowledge, to discover our part of sacred feminine.

SHADE' APOTHECARY is a Neo-herbalism at the service of the beauty and well-being of women thanks to an expertise resulting from both the heritage of the ancients and the power of nature. We advise each woman in her uniqueness and in her quest for fulfillment.



We believe that less is more . We advocate going back to basics to deeply reconnect with our true nature. Our treatments with simple, pure and effective compositions are integrated into rituals that we want to be natural.


Accept yourself above all , in your singularity to know how to accept others. no judgment
at SHADE'S APOTHECARY! We welcome you as you are and advise you according to your current needs.


We want good, natural and beautiful care and are committed to acting with sincerity and transparency. In the choice of our partners in France and abroad first, but also in the composition of our products with 100% natural plants, mainly from organic or sustainable agriculture. All our treatments are made in France.

A self ritual


I am a woman with many
lives in the same day: mother/wife/entrepreneur/friend….I'm like all of you: multitasking and my brain is often on the verge of implosion!

At the beginning of 2016, my body made itself heard and told me to stop: huge acne attack, intense fatigue and a self-esteem close to 0. My mind needed to disconnect from this frantic pace of life. I just needed to really take care of myself and figure out what I needed.

My quest for both physical and mental well-being directly reconnected me with a woman who has always inspired me with her strength: my grandmother. Young, during my holidays in Martinique, I watched her take care of her (and us) with rituals based on plants, oils, vinegar (her flagship product). Benevolent and generous, her neighbors often called her for her healing powers that she drew directly from nature and plants.

20 years later, his advice and his way of life resonated with me. Its recipe in all simplicity: home-made herbal treatments, healthy eating and unfailing optimism.