What fruits to eat this fall to balance body and mind?

Respecting nature means respecting the seasons

In general, respecting the seasonality of each fruit allows you to better appreciate their flavors and save money. Hey, yes Mother Nature does things well!
Autumn is characterized by:
  • A gradual drop in temperatures
  • Wind and rain
  • An increasingly shorter sunshine period.
In this season, consuming fruits rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids helps to support our physical and mental shape.

Our selection to fill up on energy:

Nuts: The secret ingredient to keeping fit this season. Walnuts are rich in essential fatty acids, omega 9, magnesium, and vitamin E.
Figs : A true concentrate of vitamins and fibres, this is the perfect season to taste them, fresh or dried. With high nutritional value, they are sources of energy, particularly when eaten dry.
Note: Prefer figs with firm and intact skin.
Grapes : Antioxidant, grapes happen to be the perfect fruit to support body and mind for this season. Rich in vitamin B6, it is the ideal ally to regulate mood and boost the body. In addition, its natural fiber content facilitates intestinal transit and helps detoxify the body.
Note: Enjoy your grapes with the seeds very beneficial for digestion.
The kiwi: Endowed with exceptional powers, the kiwi will be your ideal ally for breakfasts this season. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, its powers are: Boosts energy and strengthens immune defenses, . Best consumed in the morning.

Our selection