naturalness in value

I am a woman with many
lives in the same day: mother/wife/entrepreneur/friend….I'm like all of you: multitasking and my brain is often on the verge of implosion!

At the beginning of 2016, my body made itself heard and told me to stop: huge acne attack, intense fatigue and a self-esteem close to 0. My mind needed to disconnect from this frantic pace of life. I just needed to really take care of myself and figure out what I needed.

My quest for both physical and mental well-being directly reconnected me with a woman who has always inspired me with her strength: my grandmother. Young, during my holidays in Martinique, I watched her take care of her (and us) with rituals based on plants, oils, vinegar (her flagship product). Benevolent and generous, her neighbors often called her for her healing powers which she drew directly from nature and plants.

20 years later, his advice and his way of life resonated with me. Its recipe in all simplicity: home-made herbal treatments, healthy eating and unfailing optimism.