Ritualize your Beauty? Why and How

The History of Beauty:

Since the dawn of time, we find rituals around beauty and aesthetics through make-up, baths, perfume or even fumigation. These rituals were intended to magnify the body and the face but also the spirit. Women and men indulge in ritual baths, body and hair care, but also make-up in order to pay homage to the gods and goddesses. We find texts attributed to Cleopatra on cosmetics in the treatise “ Kosmetikon ”. These practices were considered quasi-medical because their purpose was to beautify and protect, even to heal. The ingredients used were for their medical and spiritual value.

Beauty is well-being

Beauty and well-being go hand in hand. To feel beautiful, you have to feel good. Good with yourself, with your body and your image. Obviously a beautiful skin, healthy hair, a beautiful makeup allows us to look good but is it enough to feel good?

Do you know the answer !

To access well-being, all you have to do is cultivate it! Easy to say, hard to do? Certainly not!

Ritual beauty: paying homage

To feel beautiful is to become aware of its true value. It is to look at oneself with benevolence and to perceive all its beauty. Paying homage is:

  • Make time for yourself
  • Apply care to your skin with the aim of doing yourself good
  • Be in connection with yourself.
  • Massage the face or body, taking into account each sensation

This moment of connection is truly beneficial. Taking care of yourself, your skin, your hair or your body is a strong act to develop your self-esteem. It is to look at and feel all the beauty that is in us and which reflects on our image.

How to Ritualize your beauty on a daily basis? The awakening of the senses

You have understood it, beauty is exterior and interior. Ritualizing your beauty routine gives you access to well-being and the pleasure of self-care. For that you need :

  • Accept the idea of ​​deserving to receive care and kindness every morning and every evening
  • Awaken all your senses: Sight with inspiring objects, touch with textures, Smell through scents, Hearing by choosing the playlist that suits your mood of the moment and finally taste... by tasting the drink of your choice 😉

The objective is to make each of his daily moments, breakaways in the happiness of being oneself.

Take good care of yourself

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